Hear My Voice

September 24, 2011 at 12:26 pm (Uncategorized)

I climbed to the top of the mountain,
escalator broken; had to take the stairs.
My calves burn but no one cares.
A beacon of light set against the night sky,
I did it for you, do you know why?
To proclaim my love from way up high…

Can you hear my voice?
My words penetrating in the dark,
like the blade of the Hood
when he thought the Sheriff would and could
take all that was dear from him.
The Lady Marian.
And though my words are frail,
my heart is pure; my resolve prevails.
The black cloak of Night,
illuminated from above
by a thousand points of light.
The moon is my companion
but the journey’s just begun…

Now hear my voice.
For he watches from above,
to feel his presence
is to know true love.
My Lord; My savior.
Comforts me from afar
His son stands with me
knows just where we are.
And though the night is cold,
his grace warms me.
And though the land is dark,
his radiance lets me see.
The beauty in every one of us,
for everyone is one free,
to worship him now,
In His Eternal Glory,
So for one last time
children of the word,
I implore you; hear my plea…

Hear My Voice.


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